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Why Internet is a Universe of Opportunities

InternetInternet has created level playing field.   Anyone can go online and take up free education.      In the past few weeks I have been browsing through the net and I picked up few powerful lessons that I would like to share

  1. FEEL STUCK AND BORED: List down a new person you can meet, a new place to visit or a new activity to engage.  And once your list is ready go and meet, visit engage in the new activity.  Message: Grow this list and meet new people new place and learn new things. 
  2. PROCRASTINATION: Procrastination is tool of poor. You have been procrastinating an important job, activity or a meet. You dread taking the first step.  SOLUTION:  There are two options.
    1. Nag (internal dialogue) yourself to take the first step.
    2. And if you have no clue how the job should be done, write down the names of all people who can help you. Now go ask them for help.
  3. The other day I was listening to YouTube interview of a billionaire and he was asked “What is one thing that has helped you immensely in your business?” and his response was listening to people. Message: Listen more than you speak and you will never regret.
  4. Create an imaginary or virtual master mind group (Idea from “THINK AND GROW RICH”). The virtual master mind members may  be top 5 richest, Nobel laureate or global leader past or current – Read their biography before you visualize calling them for a meet.  You will be surprised that when you ask them for answers to your pressing challenges, you will begin discovering answers yourselfMessage : We have answers to all the challenges it’s just that our mind needs a little nudge.

Enjoy your life and include one new activity, person, place during the day and your life will never be the same.  Remember Journey of thousands mile begins with the first step.

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