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What did I learn?

LearnLife is benevolent because it provides Free Lessons. If you sit down and reminiscence you will realize that every day is a Free class. Now let me reminiscences what did I learn in the past few weeks. However I would avoid names and stories lest it may upset people who inadvertently made me wiser.

  1. LAW OF LESSONS: Learning is a Science and if you review your daily activities you will find nuggets of wisdom. Hence sit down in the morning to plan your day and review in the evening to pick nuggets.
  2. LAW OF EXPERIENCE: Experience is your best teacher; hence given a choice between watching a movie on TV or visit a new place, opt for the later.
  3. LAW OF FEELINGS: People reciprocate the feelings you communicate. If you communicate sincerity, you would be responded with sincerity. If you communicate respect you will receive respect. Hence decide how you would like to be treated and whatever feelings your communicate; communicate with confidence & conviction.
  4. LAW OF RISK: Take risks no matter how small. Simply step out of your comfort zone; the more you stretch the more you will find Life in your Life.
  5. LAW OF ASKING: If you don’t know or in doubt …. Ask no matter how trivial is the subject and you will save time.
  6. LAW OF OTHERS INTEREST: You want to connect with people; put them first. Entrepreneurs connect most because of their inherent thinking, they think “how he can create revenue in our eco-system.”
  7. LAW OF THE BEST: Learn from the BEST, be WITH the BEST and be the BEST.
  8. LAW OF CONNECTIONS: School and University experiences are the Super glue. Hence friends made during school and University are most potent. I noticed that many startups have co-founders that were school or University buddies. So go revisit your school and University Rolodex.
  9. LAW OF PARENTS: Parent child relation is the relation of CARING. Parents want to shelter kids from the risk and harsh realities of the life and that is wrong. Child learns best from experiences hence let him learn (risk) earlier than late.
  10. LAW OF LIVELIHOOD: If you want to travel from Sharjah to Dubai DON’T ask the Taxi driver for fare followed by where can you catch the bus.
  11. LAW OF AMBIANCE: Quality of your ambiance has reciprocal impact on your performance. Better ambiance is better performance hence create a better ambiance around you; decorate your room, work place with happy memories.
  12. LAW of MEMORY: Out of sight is out of mind hence consistently remind yourself of high impact activities. Don’t rely on your memory but write down in your diary so that it gets done, You derive maximum pleasure from completing high impact activities.

I have shared TWELVE laws and am certain you will benefit from it Too .

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