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Power of Reminder


Crying_Baby“The experience adds to sticky factor is a really good post. I just read it. Just a note, it’s not off course it’s of course. And it should be meetings and meets instead of simply meet and meetings :D” .. ……Wrote Alisha Mehra.

This was the email I received from my daughter who is studying to be a lawyer. This was a VERY pleasant surprise that she cared to read and like. The article had bridged the generation gap and during the process I learnt my lesson.  Life is about continuous learning and last week I learnt another VERY important lesson. If you want to succeed in life than follow two simple steps

  • PLAN MEANINGFUL TASK: Plan and Write down your Meaningful task.
  • REMINDER: Continue reminding yourself (Meaningful Tasks) what needs to be done.

Put in POST IT notes reminders on your computer, in your bedroom, in your wash room, in your office, in your car. And sooner than later you will realize that you have accomplished the task. I have realized there is nothing beyond your capacity to achieve, its just that in the humdrum of life our attention is diverted and another task takes precedence. Result we miss deadlines and fail to complete the meaningful task. Hence the trick is CONTINUE REMINDING yourself; put an alert on your cell phone, ask your family and friends to follow up. Sooner you will be a success. It’s like the crying baby gets the milk. Reminders are like the crying baby and our attention like the parents.
Continuous “REMINDERS” is a powerful tool; so Remind, Remind and Remind till you complete the meaningful task.

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