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Golden Tips in Life

Gold_NuggetsLast week I came across few brilliant nuggets of ideas for self-improvements and am sharing it with my connections on LinkedIn and Facebook

  1. REINVENT: Progress happens when you step out of your COMFORT zone and move into COURAGE Apportion 80% of your time in comfort zone i.e. routine exercises and apportion 20% time in Courage zone.  And sooner you will see change in your life.
  2. SPICE: It’s an acronym for Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Community and Emotional. Stretch out of your COMFORT zone in SPICE
  3. WEAK LINK: Every day spend time with new people, new forums. Because 90% of your success is a reflection on NEW. Research says most people get their job referral through weak connection called 2nd degree connections in Social Media zone. So spend time on strengthening your first degree connections and then reach out to second degree connections through referrals.
  4. Rule of 3C’s: Spend one day of the weak without Complaining, Condemning and Criticizing. You will find it difficult to do so but the exercise is worth in Gold.
  5. INTERNAL DIALOGUE: Your internal dialogue shapes your life.  If your internal dialogues are positive you will reflect positive results and if you internal dialogues are negative, result will be similar – its GIGO Garbage in Garbage out.

I wrote this blog around 12:00 mid night and loved the feeling.  I made a call to a friend and held back criticizing and complaining.   The feeling was euphoric.  I am certain you will enjoy too practicing rule of 3Cs.


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