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Experience makes you more attractive.


MagnetLast week I was expected to meet a friend in Dubai but was feeling a bit lazy because it would have taken me an hour to drive through traffic and an hour to drive back. Friend called up to reconfirm the meet and I promptly agreed when he said that he has just returned from a full day training session on a yacht. Now this peaked my interest looking forward to interesting conversation.

Yesterday I was expected to meet another friend and once again felt lazy until the friend called up to reconfirm. I had a strong mind to postpone the meet but somehow resisted. And am glad I met him because I began asking him about his hobbies and was exposed to absolutely new side of his personality that was an opportunity to learn and work on Mobile Commerce opportunity.

Now you may be wondering why do I fix up meetings on first place when I am not certain to comply. My answer is I fix up meet to discuss a specific subject but during the time from “Confirmation to the Meet” time my interest takes a deep dive.

On the flip side my post is not about confirming meet and subsequently missing on meeting. What I would like to bring up is that LIFE EXPERIENCES bring in STICKY factor in your personality. The more experiences you undergo and of-course good experiences the more ATTRACTIVE you become. And one simple process way to absorb more experiences is meet people, meet new people and master the art of probing questions. Because you will never uncover others experiences if you don’t ask probing questions.

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