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A journey of thousand miles begins with the first step and if you continue your journey into next 21 days; it becomes a habit. Its not that I did not realize the law of neuro-science that 21 days makes a habit. But there is a realization that it’s easy to fall prisoner to emerging trends in Digital world and lose sight of productive habits. Let me share few of them.

1. Whatsapp: I would get up early morning and not touch my cell phone till it was time to leave. But no sooner my WhatsApp account was activated I became a serial WhatsApp browser. No sooner I got up, I would check on the quotes, messages and jokes shared on the WhatsApp and begin responding to them. I would look for a good DP for the day. Sooner it had eaten up into my time for exercise, newspaper reading and meditation. SOLUTION: Discipline – Prioritize your time for important activities aligned with your goals. It’s easier said than done but I took the bitter pill and slotted whatsapp on the lower rung .

2. INTERNET BROWSING: Computers have become a source of nuisance. No sooner I would get up, I promptly log onto Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter and jump among the various platform hoping that someone has sent me a message or shared, liked my post. SOLUTION: Discipline – Only discipline can bring you out of this habit. Discipline yourself to spend not more than three chunks of 30 minutes slots on such platforms spread over the day. 30 minutes in the morning – 30 minutes in the afternoon and 30 minutes in the evening.

3. LATE NIGHT OUT: I believe in early to bed and early to rise. But on an experimental basis I tried to reverse the cycle for couple of months. That is I arranged late hours meetings (Business and social) over drinks. Suddenly my internal clock took a toll. And I my performance in many areas fell – my response time fell, thinking process slowed down, stress rose up, gained weight and jobs were left unattended. SOLUTION: Discipline – Slowly returned to “ early to bed and early to rise routine.” Started getting up at least 3 hours before my work time and catch up on my productive activities including exercise. Our DNA is structured to work best when you sleep early and get up early.

Anything and everything can fall into place provided you discipline yourself. And remember journey of thousand miles begins with the first step. Is you first step in the right direction is the question you must ask yourself.

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