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How to “Get back your OPTIMISM”


kids.sand.111As we grow up the demands on our time and resources shoots an upward trajectory. The demand plants stress and depression in our fertile mind. How can you insulate yourselves from perceived stress and depression? Simply follow Rule of Three ….

1. 30 MINUTES: Get up early and take a “TALL WALK” walk in the park. This has multiple benefits

  • Research says that sunlight acts as a refresher tonic.
  • Colour green sprouts up the mood like the sprouting seeds impacting our overall well-being. 
  • Walking tall peps up your confidence.
  • Walking for 30 minutes massages your body muscle increase flow of blood thus acting as a lubricant. Further it enhances the flow of positive hormones in your body.

2. 3 MINUTES: Gaze up in the sky for next 3 minutes. And while gazing count the birds, play with shape of clouds or simply day dream. Chin up gazing uplifts and brings in positive mindset. This too has multiple benefits

  • When you look up towards RIGHT you access stored memories part of your brain – Good exercise to ruminate on past success/past images/experiences.
  • When you look up towards LEFT you access creativity/construction part of your brain.
  • Further Chin up is a good exercise to firm up your neck muscles.

3. 5 MINUTES: Sit down in a quiet place, close your eyes and hmmm OM. This too has multiple impact

  • a. Sharpens your focus.
  • b. The OM sound acts like a balm on your nerves.

Incorporate Rule of “3” tips in your lifestyle and get back your OPTIMISM in next 20 days.

Your Traffic signals and Road signs ?

Traffic_signalDubai is building more roads, more bridges/tunnels, more Salik but still not able to cope with traffic problems.   Imagine the sight of Dubai roads if Dubai did not have traffic signals, bridges/tunnels & road signs.  

Well our mind is somewhat similar with over 60,000 thoughts running in a day.  And most of the time multiple thoughts meander and collide because we have not installed traffic signals or road signs; resultant we invite stress and our productivity level is shot down.

People say focusing your mind on one subject brings the maximum impact. Focused mind also brings more peace and happiness.  In a research on a group of monks who had been practicing extreme meditation, it was found that their frontal lobe lit up when meditating which is a response triggered when you are very happy.  Hence research proves that focusing your attention on one single task at a time makes you happy.  And probably this is the reason we are happy when our mind is uncluttered.

I would suggest few practical tips to bring focus and the tips are INTERNAL and EXTERNAL.  Let’s talk about


  1. Think inside the box: (BRIDGES AND TUNNELS) Assume I ask you “In next 15 seconds write down names of as many green colour things”  And thereafter I ask you in next 15 seconds write the names of all green colour things in your refrigerator.”  Guess which question will invite a longer list?
  2. Many a time (TRAFFIC SIGNALS) we engage people in a conversation who we have earlier cheated us or did not keep up to their promises.  And when we engage with such people it impacts us adversely; our mood and metabolism.  Hence discipline yourself to avoid negative people and negative thoughts.  Practice this exercise for the first half of the day and slowly extend it to the day, week and month.
  3. Six thinking hats (ROAD SIGNS) : This is about exercising your thinking.  At any given time think why an idea will work, think why it will not work and think how you can make it better.  Use Edward De Bono Six thinking Hats methodology to train your thinking.
  4. 80/20 Rule: (HIGHWAY/EXPRESS WAY) Apply 80/20 rule in your professional life.  List out all activities and decide what is 80% and OUT and what is 20% and IN.


  1. Every afternoon (FRIDAY MORNING DRIVE ON DUBAI ROADS) before your lunch time and after you reach home in the evening;  sit down quietly for 15 minutes and meditate or sit still with no distraction – no TV, No internet, no call, no newspaper and no email  just be with yourself.

 Enjoy a stress free life.

Everybody has PROBLEMS


Imagine you call up your customer for the outstanding payment and the response is “We cannot make the payment please take back the equipment.”   Later in the evening you receive a call that your best  friend has been admitted to the hospital.

Next morning you  go for a health checkup and the Doctor says that you have a high  cholesterol. Later in the day your appraisal has been completed and your senior neither recommends a raise nor a promotion. Aah!

How do you react?  Most of the people in your situation will fold up and withdraw in self-pity and cursing.   On the flip side there are a handful few  who bounce back with vigour and high octane fuel.  Where do they get the inspiration to bounce back?

Well I have a close friend who always bounces back irrespective how hard he hits the ground.  I am amazed by his capacity to let go of the past and move forward hence I called on him to request recipe for his secret sauce.   He kept quiet for sometime and said Vinod lets go watch Cricket live telecast.

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He switched on the TV and we were  engrossed in the game of cricket.  Just when the game was getting interesting,  he switched off the TV.  I shouted  …….. what!  He said about an hour back you asked me my Secret sauce to bounce back.  I suppose you got the answer.  He further said that whenever I have a bad day; I just shift my focus to things I enjoy doing.  And then he said “Did you notice 20,000 people in the stadium watching the game of cricket?  How excited they were ?  They are die hard cricket fans who enjoy watching live cricket at any cost.  And for them Cricket is the source for an inspiration and forget their troubles for the time.”   He said the secret sauce is “focus your thoughts on the things you enjoy and sooner your troubles will be gone.”

My next question to you is “what do you enjoy doing?”    I will share my list of few that I have compiled and  enjoy doing.

  1. READING NON-FICTION BEST SELLERS:-  My favourite “The Magic of Thinking big,” “Who moved my cheese;” “Think and Grow Rich;” “The Monk who sold his Ferrari;”  “Yes the 50 secrets of Persuasion;” “Outliers;” “Tipping point” “The Brain Advantage” and so on.
  2. LISTENING TO AUDIO :-  Listening in the car or on my MP3, Inspirational speeches by Jim  Rohn, Sandeep Maheshwari, Brian Tracy and TED.
  3. NATURE IS A SUPERB CURE :– Going for an early morning walk.  There is power in the early hour’s cool wind and the silence in the air.
  4. TALKING TO POSITIVE PEOPLE WHO UPLIFT AND INSPIRE YOU :– A friend, colleague or a family member. Or attend a seminar or an event with an uplifting theme.
  5. ATTEND TOASTMASTERS MEETING or visit a museum or an art exhibition.
  6. Reading my GRATITUDE book.
  7. And finally SKIPPING, STAIR CLIMBING or a short jog.

What is your Secret Sauce?

Success Secrets to New Year Resolutions

2014.2014It’s January 23, 2014 and we are nearing the end of the 1st month of the New Year 2014.  Where are you with your New Year’s resolution? On track or off track?

You can ask me the same question.   Well 2011; 2012; 2013 I miserably failed on my New Year resolutions and I realized that my failure was due to four factors.  And they are:

  • Fuzzy ideas regarding my resolutions
  • No plan of action.
  • Out of sight, out of mind and finally
  • I did not have a mentor or partner to keep me on track. 

This year I changed my strategy which is bearing fruits.  Hence, I will share it in this post.  December 2013 I decided to shortlist “4” best seller books (non-fiction) that were in line with my goals. And then on December 20, 2013 onwards I chose my first book wherein my theme was “Master Science of Persuasion.”   Since I come from a sales background, it’s important to study selling but it’s more important to masters how customer buy?  So I chose my first book to be “Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion” written by Steve J. Martin and Robert B. Cialdini.  The objective was to: Read the rest of this entry »

  • Focus on the “SCIENCE OF PERSUASION” for the next 3 months.
  • Study the book and practice the passage and tips.
  • Carry the book along with the objective to keep the resolution in my vision.
  • Read and re-read and practice the principles.
  • Time permitting to read other online content published by the author and comments/reviews written by the readers.

Subsequent to these three months, that is, the beginning April 2014 my theme is “Thinking big” and the book will be “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz. Similarly, there are themes for the months subsequent to those, that is, from July – September and October – December.  By the end of the year I should have mastered 4 principles and made them second nature to me.

This book methodology is working with me because it has addressed the four reasons of failures.  You can further reinforce your learning by writing book reviews and blogging your experiences.  Or better still, contact a meet-up group and deliver your learnings in the forum.

Good luck

What is in your plate

Last Sunday I accepted an invitation for a full day seminar.  During the lunch time a 7 course buffet was served.  Audience crowded around the buffet table; people filled up their plate to the top and few snacked on the healthy food. 

Buffet table and the diners around reflect our life.  We are bombarded with so much information and distractions that we begin believing in filling our plate to the brim.  And consequently we develop clutter in our life; clutter of INFORMATION (including TV time; Facebook time, Internet browsing time), clutter in THINKING, clutter in WORK, clutter in HEALTH and clutter in our FAMILY RELATIONS.  And finally we are dull into mediocrity.   The question is what activities will trigger your right brain thinking and motivate us to get out of the clutter mode.  I am sharing few organic activities and there is no better time than your weekend time to begin the experiment.  If you find change in yourself repeat it often.

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Next weekend is round the corner hence I have laid down the buffet of activities; activity 1 & 2 are MANDATORY whereas among 3 – 20 activities,  you can chose four  activities and slot them in your next 48 hours weekend schedule.

  1. Practicing thinking your goals in PICTURES and visualize yourself achieving your goal. Time 15 minutes a day
  2. Begin conversation with yourself, questions yourself and demand answers.  What is my goal in life; what activity gives me the greatest pleasure; what is the best use of my time now; what gives me the greatest high?  The objective of this exercise is to find your sweet spot and repeat it often.  Time 30 minutes a day
  3. Get up half an hour early and go for a 30 minute brisk walk around the park.
  4. Join Yoga or a Meditation group.  Time 20 Minutes a day
  5. Lunch out with your family.
  6. Write a post card to your parents and tell them how much do they mean to you.
  7. Find four people to help, even holding a door for someone is help, giving a direction to hyper market or even helping your kid solve a math problem is a help.
  8. Attend an educational event on Meet up and introduce yourself to the group.
  9. Spend an hour deep reading a book on future Trends.
  10. Invest an hour on memory training.
  11. Invest two hours on  your Hobby.
  12. Get in touch over phone with two of your friends that you have not called for over a month.
  13. Identify two people that you would like to express gratitude, call them up and tell them how they have impacted your life.
  14. Rearrange your reading table or your sitting room
  15. Go out for an hour walk in the evening and admire the beauty of your city in lights.
  16. Purchase inspirational picture, frame it and hang it in your study room.
  17. Identify a cause and spend time with less fortunate people.  Use your creativity to identify their pressing skill or educational need and train them.
  18. Learn to create a video blog ( Youtube)
  19. Get out of the house: Visit an Art Gallery; visit a museum, go fly a kite.  Prepare yourself to be out in the morning hours.
  20. Go on digital diet & disconnect for the next 12 hours – no phone, no TV; no computer.


Good luck and happy upcoming weekend.

Two Powerful Tips


 1. Meaning to your Book

This tip is Courtesy TM Leo during Friends of Yoga Toastmasters Club meeting

Carry three coloured pens or highlighter with you.  Pink, Green and Blue

Define meaning for three Colours, such as I have defined the following when I read a book

  1. PINK: Urgent message – Read Research and use it.
  2. GREEN: Important tip – life changing; absorb it and use it
  3. BLUE: Important – URL, Name; Place, Business, activity and so on.

You can give any meaning to the colours and it’s not mandatory to have three colours.  You can have two colour as well.  When you read a book colour text  as per your colour code. The important thing is once it becomes a standard, it easy to spot relevant message/passage when you refer back the book.


2.Double your Memory:

As you’re on your way to work slot 5 minutes for the said exercise……. at every 30 seconds you glance quickly at something passing by then look away……….and then try to remember what you saw as vividly as you can.

Do this simple exercise 5 minutes each day for the next 7 days and you would have doubled your short term memory’s capacity in no time.

Its that  easy to double your memory!





Couple of years back I would regularly join my friend Atul for early morning walk.  We would walk for around 30 minutes and return.  I always wondered what would it be like taking the full circle of Sharjah corniche a 7 km+   walk?     Last year I took that step to walk the complete Sharjah corniche circle.  Sooner I began wondering what would it be like taking TWO full circles of Sharjah Corniche ?  Every night I would go to bed with a resolve to take two complete rounds. But the early hours turned my resolve into perhaps tomorrow.   And you guessed it right; tomorrow never comes.

Wrong; this morning Tomorrow did come and I began on the quest to complete two full rounds of the Sharjah corniche.  And would like to share my experience during the walk.

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  1. Sense of Achievement: It’s a tremendous relief when you achieve an assumed arduous task. And this relief is high octane fuel for your next goal. Lesson: I should have carried a bottle of water.
  2. What Next: Now you begin wondering what next. And I was wondering when Sharjah to Al Ain?
  3. Ripple EffectChange in one area of your life impacts others areas in your life and when you are stretching the impact is positive in others of your life.  My friend commented you look great and  sound uplifting today.
  4. Sharpen Obervation: Sense of achievement sharpens your sense of observation.  And somehow your observation is positive and optimistic.  And this morning I spotted numerous pairs of birds.
  5. Belief in Yourself: You become positive and resolve your belief in yourself.  I will win the Mashreq Millionairejust kidding.
  6. Burn the Bridges: When you begin an arduous journey begin with the toughest step.  In this case even if you want to turn back, you are restricted by the toughest route back.  I started the walk crossing the Sharjah bridges first that I presumed to be the toughest.
  7. Just do it: My last message is just do it; because there is never a better moment than NOW. I was waiting for the right conditions and am glad I stopped looking for the right conditions and began my journey.

Fellow readers if you have been procrastinating an arduous goal;  understand there is no better time than NOW.

Dummies Guide to REJECTION

Last week I overheard a conversation wherein a lady remarked to her colleague “I am told by my ex-boss that our industry has an unhealthy reputation for ladies.”   The following day during a conversation with a lady friend, she received a call on her cell phone.  Following the call she was upset and agitated.  I enquired what happened?  She remarked I told this customer that I am not interested and he says that he is in the vicinity and would like to take me out for lunch.  How do I handle such situations ?

UAE has a wide diversity of culture wherein every culture has their own values.  Hence no one solution fits all.   Having said that I believe a beginning has to be made.  And the best possible solution is to work on things under your CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE to put a FENCE around such harassment.  And draw out your REJECTION list.

  1. Communication you will reject
  2. Gifts you will reject and
  3. Invitations you will reject

 And finally make this rejection list LOUD and EMPHATIC  and I mean LOUD and EMPHATIC so that it is received by the recipient and recipient is not only the THIRD PARTY but your INTELLECT and EMOTION.

Flying High and Low

I believe there are around 20,000 students appearing for the entrance test and out of 20,000, 10,000 do not have a clue why they are appearing for the entrance test.  Out of the rest 10,000, 5,000 have not prepared; out of the balance 5,000, I know 2,000 participants and I can beat them. So my real competition is with 3,000 candidates.    I was speechless when I heard the analysis of one bright aspirant for Law Entrance Test.

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We all are blessed with a super powerful computer but 35% of us misuse it for thinking unconsciously and I call that DAY DREAMING whereas 60% of them use it on an AUTO PILOT mode that is being driven by the circumstances during our early years and driven by our employers when we take up the job.  Only 5% use it to think proactively and build, create and live their Life.  Right or wrong they take accountability for their decisions.  And this 5% make the difference in their lives and the lives of others.

It’s a powerful observation MAKING TIME TO THINK PROACTIVELY”.   I wish our education system includes THINKING as one of the subject as part of the curriculum and we will see a PROFOUND PROGRESSIVE POSITIVE change  in our younger generation.

On a lighter note; fortnight early I was flying to New Delhi and while landing I shot a short video from the plane.  Watch it and enjoy.  I believe it reflects our life; early on in life we have a HELICOPTER view “PLENTIFUL OPPORTUNITIES TO CHOOSE FROM” but if we don’t take time out to THINK and make  DECISIONS; you get a BIG JOLT and see such opportunities pass by just the way reflected in the video while landing at New Delhi Airport.

My message to share is take out 30 minutes of your time every day to THINK and be your THINK TANK.

What is common between Leaders and Entrepreneur?

If you don’t have followers or customers you are neither a LEADER nor an ENTREPRENEUR..  Having said that there is stark similarity between the values and principles of Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

  1. VISION: They see further than others.
  2. PASSION: They possess insurmountable passion in their believes
  3. INVEST: They think investing and not spending.
  4. DELEGATE: They delegate and believe in sharing the limelight.
  5. STRATEGY: They think strategy and leverage it to achieve the results faster.
  6. REMINDER: They continue reminding the Goals.
  7. FOLLOWERS/Customers: They have followers/customers and they think and act with their interest in mind.

 Having said that there is one drawback in the LEADERS and ENTREPRENEUR….  they have big EGOS.  Ego is the basis of business empires splits; ego is the foundations for being branded Dictators; egos are the foundation for losing best employees who refuse to endorse leaders or entrepreneur in their future transactions.  Having said that you must channel your egos to fruitful activities else it could be the foundations for your downfall or the stumbling blocks towards success.