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Why Internet is a Universe of Opportunities

InternetInternet has created level playing field.   Anyone can go online and take up free education.      In the past few weeks I have been browsing through the net and I picked up few powerful lessons that I would like to share

  1. FEEL STUCK AND BORED: List down a new person you can meet, a new place to visit or a new activity to engage.  And once your list is ready go and meet, visit engage in the new activity.  Message: Grow this list and meet new people new place and learn new things. 
  2. PROCRASTINATION: Procrastination is tool of poor. You have been procrastinating an important job, activity or a meet. You dread taking the first step.  SOLUTION:  There are two options.
    1. Nag (internal dialogue) yourself to take the first step.
    2. And if you have no clue how the job should be done, write down the names of all people who can help you. Now go ask them for help.
  3. The other day I was listening to YouTube interview of a billionaire and he was asked “What is one thing that has helped you immensely in your business?” and his response was listening to people. Message: Listen more than you speak and you will never regret.
  4. Create an imaginary or virtual master mind group (Idea from “THINK AND GROW RICH”). The virtual master mind members may  be top 5 richest, Nobel laureate or global leader past or current – Read their biography before you visualize calling them for a meet.  You will be surprised that when you ask them for answers to your pressing challenges, you will begin discovering answers yourselfMessage : We have answers to all the challenges it’s just that our mind needs a little nudge.

Enjoy your life and include one new activity, person, place during the day and your life will never be the same.  Remember Journey of thousands mile begins with the first step.

Experience makes you more attractive.


MagnetLast week I was expected to meet a friend in Dubai but was feeling a bit lazy because it would have taken me an hour to drive through traffic and an hour to drive back. Friend called up to reconfirm the meet and I promptly agreed when he said that he has just returned from a full day training session on a yacht. Now this peaked my interest looking forward to interesting conversation.

Yesterday I was expected to meet another friend and once again felt lazy until the friend called up to reconfirm. I had a strong mind to postpone the meet but somehow resisted. And am glad I met him because I began asking him about his hobbies and was exposed to absolutely new side of his personality that was an opportunity to learn and work on Mobile Commerce opportunity.

Now you may be wondering why do I fix up meetings on first place when I am not certain to comply. My answer is I fix up meet to discuss a specific subject but during the time from “Confirmation to the Meet” time my interest takes a deep dive.

On the flip side my post is not about confirming meet and subsequently missing on meeting. What I would like to bring up is that LIFE EXPERIENCES bring in STICKY factor in your personality. The more experiences you undergo and of-course good experiences the more ATTRACTIVE you become. And one simple process way to absorb more experiences is meet people, meet new people and master the art of probing questions. Because you will never uncover others experiences if you don’t ask probing questions.

Invest in life time relationships

Few days earlier I shared my two lessons wherein lesson # 1 said  “always think in terms of CUSTOMER’S LIFE TIME VALUE” and your customer will never jump the fence.”     Instantly an idea popped in my mind; if we think of business in terms of life time value; do we ever think of our relationship in such manner?  If not we are weakening our relationships. Remember the words of wisdom “the chain is as strong as the weakest link.”

Having said that the strange anomaly is that we have schools, universities and curriculum to teach us business subjects such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Human Resource and so on.  But there are no Schools, Universities or Curriculum that teaches us relationships; relationship with your parents and siblings, relationship with your spouse and friends.

Hence let’s take a leaf from our business transactions and treat our relationships in the same dignified manner as we treat our business. And to begin with “Don’t wait for the right person to come into your life.  Rather, be the right person to come to someone’s life”.  Every day Invest an hour in your relationships”   

Life is about YOU and PEOPLE


People before us have spent countless hours, days, weeks and years exploring the meaning of life and everyone created their perspective including Plato, Socrates, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela; the list is endless.  On the flip side humans are social creatures that behave the best when they are among the best.   But they also reflect the worst when they are among the worst.  The simple answer is you act, react, pro-act when you are in a social environment and your experience  can be elevated when you communicate the best and am sharing few simple sentence to flavour your social dialogue.    Use these words often to deliver the best and receive the best from your social interactions.

  1. Thank you.
  2. Please.
  3. I am sorry.
  4. Tell me more.
  5. Why do you say/ask/do that?
  6. That is interesting.
  7. Please help me complete.
  8. Can you think of two more alternatives?


Good luck


My JITO Experience

Memento from JITO

Last Monday I was expected to deliver a keynote on “Finding Success in Social Media”  at JITO – Dubai Chapter  ( I was excited and my excitement was reflected in my preparation when I reached the venue.  I had left my Notebook computer at home.  Lesson # 1; when on an important assignment prepare a check list and tick it before you leave the house.

What should I do? Don’t panic; think fast and think right these were the internal dialogue going on. Without the notebook I would lose the video clip and I can simply substitute that time period with few more examples; suggestions and a backup point that I always carry for every prepared session.

Read the rest of this entry »

So I was on the podium sharing my thoughts on Social Media.  And few very pertinent concerns came out of the audience engagements and am sharing it in this blog post.

  1. Where to Begin: We are absolutely aware what will help us succeed personally and professionally.  But we do not venture into it; not because we do not want to succeed but because we are unaware where to begin?  Hence we drop out.
  2. Where to Meander: Once we begin, we stop at a short distance because there are no sign post, we do not realize how we should meander through the maze.  Hence we drop out.
  3. How to Persevere And once we are able to meander through the maze or swim around the pond we do not persevere for the right results.  Hence we drop out.
  4. How to innovate for results And once we are able to persevere we are ignorant of how to innovate to progress?  Hence we drop out of steam.

The audience questions on Social Media reflected the above four concerns.  And I believe these are the uniform concerns erupting in every mind when we observe a new phenomenon.  My simple advice could be summed up in three bullet points

  • Go by the instincts and jump in.
  • Once you are in the maze; connect with people around and learn from their failure and success.
  • And once you are sustaining; get the services of a mentor, advisor or a teacher.

Wishing you all the success in your new venture.



Why did Steve Jobs squat on the floor ?

    1. Why did Steve Jobs Squat on the floor and folded his hands ?
    2. How did “David beat Goliath” ..Malcolm Gladwell
    3. What if you could read your women’s mind and tell her exactly what she wanted to hear at the exact time ?
    4. Why Math is more important than …………?
    5. “What” is more important than “Why” ?
    6. Why a man kept interrupting the board meeting ?

Well all the answers are in the Vivel Ranadive founder of  TIBCO – USD Billion company keynote speech.  A remarkable person who believe and practices thinking out of the box.  And says your success is assured provided you work hard enough and think out of the box.

The video has immense value; enjoy watching and thinking out of the box


Leadership is Discipline

Leadership is no art but a combination of disciplined activities.  And the list is not exhaustive but carefully crafted set of skills that can be developed and successfully applied.

  1. Develop a scintillating vocabulary:  This is not about developing an exhaustive list but few carefully chosen uplifting words that can be utilized when communicating with your team.   Brilliant, Exciting; Incredible; Remarkable; Staggering…….
  2. Develop a mindset of a child:  Be curious, during any discussions, your objective should be to understand the problem and get a value out of it for yourself and your team. Simply remember the formula ASK, PROBE and TAKE HOME VALUE
  3. Develop Enthusiasm:  Personal enthusiasm is an expendable resource hence spend your energy judiciously where it impacts the most.
  4. Develop Listening Skills: It’s important to know the problem before you initiate inventing a remedy; hence develop the art of listening and acknowledging.
  5. Develop Expression Skills: Develop the art of expressing opinion and making decision on others behalf.  Followers look forward to your direction and direction is your thinking and decision making capacity.  So express your opinion and make decisions.

Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it……..Dwight D. Eisenhower


Colour your Impression


I have a teenage daughter and whenever I talk to her my tone turns soft as if I am still talking to a little 5 years old girl.

On the 10th anniversary of my friend’s wedding, a guest asked how did you two meet?    The wife responded it was love at first sight.

After the interview I asked my friend how did your interview go?  He replied I don’t think I made an impression on the  HR Manager.

These are responses to impressions.  The saying goes “The first impression is the best impression”.  And “You never get a second opportunity to make a first impression.”   On the flip side the first impression can last till his or her last breath; unless you make sincere efforts to replace with a better impression. Read the rest of this entry »

Hence first impression is very important and   I would share few tips on how to colour an impression or change an impression.

Connections:  People make judgment about you from your associations and experiences.  People graduating from reputed Universities are placed higher than students graduating from B class universities.  We assume candidates coming out of reputed universities are the most deserving.  People who have friends at high places are most deserving.  People who work for reputed organization are more deserving. Hence connect high.

 Past Achievements:  Your past achievements are also a barometer for a better impression.  If you have topped your university; you are automatically considered to be more deserving than who scored 10th rank.  Publicize and share your past achievements.

Author:  People who can express their ideas or skills in writing are considered to be more deserving than others who don’t.  If your writings are published in media they reflect public confidence in you.  So blog and write in professional magazines.

Speaker: People who can speak to an audience and share information on professional topics carry a better impression.  Learn and practice the art of public speaking.

Media:  When others write about you or mention about you in media, you fare better than the person who has not been mentioned.  Hence become an expert in your field and acknowledged to endorse products.

Creating an impression: When you are in front of people that matter;  please make an impression.  Have a proper structure to your delivery i.e. opening, body and conclusion and better still have story to narrate. Learn the art of impromptu speaking.

Be in the radar:  Ensure that you are in the visual radar of people that count.  People who are in vision get a more favourable consideration.  “Out of sight is out of mind.”

Be different: If you are none of the above than ensure that you are different, you are unique, you possess a quality that is not there in others.  This could be knowledge, your style and others.

So go ahead and colour your impression.

Make your connections work ?

You might have heard an old saying, It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” This has endured for ages and holds more true in the present context but its important to remember that  It’s not only who you know, it’s also who knows you!  And am reminded of a very convincing joke wherein Jack, a smart businessman, talks to his son………… 

Jack: I want you to marry a girl of my choice

Son : “I will choose my own bride”.

Jack: “But the girl is Bill Gates’s daughter.”

Son : “Well, in that case…”

  Read the rest of this entry »

Next Jack approaches Bill Gates…

Jack: “I have a husband for your daughter.”

Bill Gates : “But my daughter is too young to marry.”

Jack: “But this young man is a vice-president of the World Bank.”

Bill Gates: “Ah, in that case…”


Finally Jack goes to see the president of the World Bank…

Jack: “I have a young man to be recommended as a  vice-president.”

President: “But I already have more vice-presidents than I need.”

Jack: “But this young man is Bill Gates’s son-in-law.”

President: “Ah, in that case…..” ………………………” This is the POWER OF CONNECTIONS” 


Now I would like to share few tips on ATTRACTING more LinkedIn connections and tips are

  1. Profile: Complete your profile with a picture.  Incomplete profile reflect doubt and uncertainty.
  2. Groups: Join the groups which are a true reflection of the kind of professionals you want to connect.   Participate in the Group activities to help, advise and guide.
  3. Q & A :  Participate in Q & A
  4. Blog: Write and share Blog post with your LI connections to express your expertise.  This should genuinely reflect your intent to help and share quality information and not to eulogies you.
  5. Appreciate: Show appreciation of others posting through adding comments and Like.
  6. Invite: When you meet someone in professional or social context collect he business card and invite him to connect on LinkedIn.
  7. 1000 Threshold: Once you have reached a threshold of 1,000 connections you will begin receiving request to connect and this can range from  1 – 5  a day.

Robert Kiyosaki says, “The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.”    Hence Good luck and make your connections do the connecting for you and others.

Did you kill the conversation ?

You enter a room full of acquaintances and simply break into the conversation and kill it.  Explore if you are making any of the following mistakes

–      Constantly interrupting others to speak.

–      Speaking about yourself; limelight hogging.

–      Mumbling not opening mouth to deliver message.

–      Low feeble voice reflecting weakness.

–      Shouting to be heard.

–      Speaking in monotone and monotonous voice.

–      Not reciprocating and poor body language.

–      Not contributing enough to season the conversation.

These are few of the serious flaws in our conversation that drains the blood out of healthy communication.  And the best way to find flaws is to solicit feedback, absorb un-solicited feedback and also observe peoples reaction.   And once you have done so unlearn conversations killers and replace them with tricks that work.

“What works” in the next post ?